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First Tracks Success - US Sailing Center of Martin County, FL

Edit by: Mark Cafero

On Saturday, February 24, 2018 Next Level Watersports ran its first First Tracks Kite Event down here in Stuart, Florida at the US Sailing Center of Martin County run by myself, Jon Beery, and our pro-instructors Mark Cafero, and Justin Bruns. We had sunny skies and 12-18kts SSE - AKA perfect conditions for learning to kiteboard! What is a First Tracks Kite Event you may ask? We had over twenty people young and old come our and test their hands at learning what kiteboarding is all about. Participants got to learn the basic theories behind how and why a kite flies the way it does and how to generate incremental, appropriate, controlled power through kite control. After doing an introduction and reviewing the theory, we walked out to knee deep water just in front of the Sailing Center to get a clean breeze approach. Everyone within the group got to rotate through and go from basic to intermediate skills of flying a trainer kite to begin understanding how a kite works. And best of all, feel the power of a kite! But whatever you do, don’t crash and get it wet….. We wrapped the event by going over how to rig up a 4-line kite, showing the group how the safety systems work, and explaining the various different board types and their application. Most importantly we reviewed the process and theory of learning how to kiteboard safely. And we can’t wait to see some from the group out on the water for kiteboarding lessons! A big thank you to the US Sailing Center of Martin County for allowing us to host the event. They are an incredible resource for the Vero, Stuart, Jupiter, and West Palm area with professional, talented staff and we cannot thank them enough. If you have ever wanted to learn to sail (Which we also highly recommend), give them a call. If you are interested in booking a First Tracks Kite Event please refer to our brochure and email us at It is perfect for birthday parties, team building events, youth groups, after school programs, and more - Let us teach you how! NLW Pro Tip - If you want to begin kiteboarding, a trainer kite is a great resource to learn the basics safely. Buy a trainer kite (We do sell them!), search youtube for wind window concepts and how to fly a trainer kite, and get out on the beach. Just be respectful of other beach goers and be sure to learn your safety systems prior to flying your kite. And feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! Best of luck!

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