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Kiteboarding Lessons

While there are many kite schools in Florida, we pride ourselves on being the best.  Our instructors are seasoned professionals skilled in the art of breaking down the physics, concepts, and mechanics of kiteboarding into simple, easy to understand, incremental steps.  This, along with our flat-water, waist deep coaching location, makes our school unique and accelerates our clients’ learning curve.  Above all, our coaches are talented kiteboarders who love coaching and make the learning process fun.  Let us show you how!

Lessons are booked in three-hour blocks in private, semi-private, and group formats and we coach beginner through advanced kiteboarding concepts.

Scroll down to learn more about our different lesson types and then give us a call or click button below!


Lesson Types


Green level courses are tailored for people who have limited or no experience on a kiteboard. From rigging and wind dynamics to your first attempts at flying a trainer/inflatable kite to your first try at riding a board. This course is designed to make it easy and provide students the basics needed to get you started.


Blue level courses are suited for people who know the basics of flying a kite and are ready to get up riding consistently. Students will learn how to get up efficiently and ride in both directions, how to hold an edge consistently and get long board rides, and begin learning transitions and other advanced maneuvers.


Black level courses are aimed at students who are riding kiteboards consistently in both directions, have good control and are becoming self-sufficient. Students will learn the advanced skills they need to hold upwind confidently, consistently complete transitions and start getting air.


Double black courses are for self-sufficient kiteboarder’s looking to take their existing skill set to the next level. Our talented instructors can teach you to ride a surfboard strapless in waves, jump big (really big), unhook, or land the tricks you’ve dreamed of trying. Tell us your goal and our staff can help you achieve it!


Hydrofoiling will change how you look at the sport of kiteboarding. We use specialized equipment and the best hydrofoils on the market to make the learning progression low impact, incremental, and easy for students. The result is to dramatically accelerate your learning curve. Whether you’re trying to get your first rides or learn how to do transitions, let us teach you to fly. We teach hydrofoiling behind boats and behind kites – come out and learn to fly with us today!


Want to tour the best that Florida has to offer? Back country guide is meant for individuals or groups of experienced kiteboarders who want to have an effortless day of riding on the water. Use your own gear or ours. Back Country Guide lets you ride flat water, ride waves, or go on downwinders. We will take you to the best spots, handle all the details, and provide continuous coaching throughout. Back country guide is the ultimate way to session Florida.

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