The story of Next Level Watersports is one of two close friends building a company around doing what they love most – Having fun on the water. The reality of kiteboard and wakeboard instruction is that it is a commodity - There are schools everywhere.  The only way to distinguish yourself is through quality instruction and a quality location.  This is our foundation that got us on our feet starting in 2016 in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  We work tirelessly to hire the best and train our staff to be even better.  A lesson with NLW means you will meet an instructor who knows how to rip; is educated, articulate, and personable; and views teaching these sports as sharing a gift.  This is our promise to every client.


Jon Beery
Owner & Founder

When asked when he started on the water Jon says, “My parents used to tie my crib off to the handrails on the inside of their boat so I was suspended. That way I wouldn’t roll out when the boat heeled over.” Jon grew up in Darien, CT and has spent his lifetime on the water. He has raced dinghies and big boats across the country, was captain of his high school and college sailing teams, and has coached juniors and adults in dinghies, big boats, and kiteboarding at premier locations from Puerto Rico to Boston. He is a Certified Public Accountant who, after working in professional services in Boston for four years, decided to marry his passion for the water with his career. Next Level Watersports is a dream come true for Jon and he’s excited to teach you the same sports that make him smile every day!

Jake Hoefler
Owner & Founder

Jake is a thoroughbred D1 athlete turned avid kiteboarder and coach from Hampstead, NH. Jake tells the story of his first time kiteboarding with his dad when he was just twelve years old down on the Outer Banks. Cautiously launching the kite he would get pulled downwind on his board and his dad would grab him by the back of his harness and pull him upwind to restart. He kept at it until it clicked. With the gear being much safer and user friendly these days it is much easier to teach. Jake is an incredible communicator who can break down the concepts behind kiteboarding into simple steps. After playing hockey for, and graduating from, Northeastern University he moved to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to pursue his passion. With thousands of hours on the water coaching Jake cannot wait to get you riding!

Justin Collins
Pro Coach

Growing up snowboarding, biking, skateboarding, and wakeboarding at his local lake, Justin’s thirst for action sports is easy to spot. It was this drive that led him from the Midwest to work for one of the top kiteboarding companies in America located on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Here he proceeded to pursue kiteboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, stand-up paddling, and honed his skills as a kiteboard instructor. Since making his move in 2014, Justin has taught hundreds of students of all abilities the sports he loves.  And is proud to say many of his clients have turned into his friends. Being on the water is Justin's favorite activity, and he can't wait to get you out there with him!

Mark Cafero
Pro Coach

Mark grew up in New York and moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands at age 13 where he found kiteboarding. He hasn’t looked back since, now riding and working for brands such as Slingshot Sports, Ride Engine and Raw Elements. This experience and insight into product development has left Mark with an outstanding knowledge of the gear and how the sport works. Having taught since his time in Turks and Caicos, Mark cannot wait to get you up and shredding! If you are looking to start throwing tricks or take things to the next level, ask Mark, he has an extensive trick list!


Emily Reich
Pro Coach

Emily Reich grew up on Martha's Vineyard where most of her time was spent racing dinghies through high school and college sailing. She left Old Dominion University with honors as a 2x Collegiate All-American Crew and applied her experience on the water towards learning to kite. With her time spent coaching youth racing, making a transition as a kite coach was an easy and obvious progression for her. Since she learned to kite 6 years ago, she can now confidently kite, surf, SUP surf, and otherwise hang on to a board. Her favorite kiting conditions are in the waves and each fall she travels to Cape Hatteras where she places in a well known wave riding event. Emily is fortunate enough to call Jupiter, FL and Martha's Vineyard, MA home as she moves north to south with the seasons. The ocean loving community has many strong, talented women and Emily is a huge advocate of that community connectedness. She currently rides for a sustainable swimwear company from Jupiter called MG Surfline and is always encouraging more girls to get on the water and have some fun!



To find a second location for their business, the owners of Next Level Watersports scoured the Caribbean, Bahamas, and discovered their dream location in Stuart, FL.  Stuart is home to one of the few waist deep, flat water riding spots between the Keys & Cocoa Beach on the Intercoastal Waterway.  To make the spot even better, there is incredible ocean side riding with endless miles of waves ready for downwinders.  This makes our spot suited not only for beginner riders but also advanced riders looking to ride flat water or waves.  Best of all, it is easy to access (Fly into Palm Beach International Airport – PBI) and lodging is available next to our riding spot.  Simply fly in, drop your bags at the hotel, and come out and ride.  We will handle the rest!


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